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When it comes to finding the best soft full-size mattress, there are a lot of options on the market today that promise comfort and support. As we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, having the right mattress is key for both physical health and mental well-being.

This review will focus on the Cool Bliss model from PlushBeds, a cool-bliss-luxury- memory-foam-mattress that offers conforming comfort in a soft, extra-soft full-size mattress that could be a top contender for the highest-rated soft mattress available.

Extra soft full-size Mattress Overview

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Construction and Materials: The cool-bliss-luxury- mattress provides a profile with four layers of foam that work together to cradle the body and relieve pressure points for deep, restorative sleep. The materials include:

  • A 3-inch top comfort layer of proprietary Cool Bliss gel memory foam, with advanced cooling properties and a responsive, elastic feel
  • A 2-inch layer of Plush foam, designed for contouring support
  • A 3-inch Plushfoam transitional layer for spinal support
  • A 4-inch high-density foam base layer for stability

The top layer of Cool Bliss foam stands out for having an advanced gel infusion meant to pull heat away from the body throughout the night. This helps regulate temperature better than a standard memory foam, preventing you from getting too warm or sweaty under the covers.

It also quickly responds to changes in pressure each time you shift positions and provides easy repositioning as needed. Underneath, 5 more inches of Plushfoam give cushioning and support for pressure point relief at the shoulders, hips, and other areas, allowing you to fully sink into the mattress.

The high-density base reinforces the layers above for improved edge support and durability so this soft full-sized mattress retains its structure and comfort over an extended lifetime.

Comfort and Feel

Memory Foam Pillowtop Mattress

The Cool Bliss offers a plush, medium-soft feel that is a dream for side sleepers who want close contouring without feeling stuck. The cradling comfort foam layers help fill the space at the shoulders and hips to properly align the spine. At the same time, there is enough firmness and response so you don’t feel enveloped by the bed and can move freely.

Stomach and back sleepers who want some contouring with sufficient support also find the Cool Bliss balances comfort and stability quite well for their needs. The foam quickly responds as you change positions to keep your body properly aligned in any sleeping position.

The conforming quality allows the Cool Bliss to excel at pressure point relief as well. Cushioning protruding body parts more deeply eliminates tension caused by shoulders, hips, and other areas pressing into the mattress uncomfortably. This helps greatly reduce tossing and turning through the night for better, uninterrupted sleep.

Temperature Regulation and Other Factors

The Cool Bliss lives up to its name when it comes to temperature regulation as well. Many all-foam beds tend to absorb and trap body heat, causing you to sleep hot and wake up in a sweat. However, the proprietary Cool Bliss gel-infused foam was specially engineered to avoid these issues. It actively pulls heat away from the surface and disperses it so you maintain a comfortably neutral temperature throughout the night, even during the summer months.

Customers praise this mattress for having next to no motion transfer as well. The thick foam layers absorb movement and limit any ripple effect across the surface of the bed. This allows couples to sleep soundly through the whole night without disturbing each other, even if one person frequently changes position or gets in and out of bed. The foam also does an outstanding job muffling noise from a partner or outside the room so you can sleep peacefully without interruption.

The Cool Bliss mattress comes backed by a 20-year warranty for long-lasting durability and performance. It also includes a 120-night sleep trial so you can test it out at home. PlushBeds offers free shipping and returns within the contiguous USA to make the buying and trying process lower commitment.

Pros of Cool-bliss-luxury- memory-foam-mattress:

  • Soft, extra soft size mattress designed to contour gently for side sleepers
  • Advanced gel-infused top layer actively cools to prevent overheating
  • Responsive foam quickly adapts to changes in pressure for easy repositioning
  • Outstanding motion isolation and noise-damping qualities
  • The 20-year warranty and 120-night risk-free trial included

Cons of Cool-bliss-luxury- memory-foam-mattress:

  • May not provide enough support for strict back or stomach sleepers
  • Has a moderate off-gassing odor for a few days after unboxing
  • Not as responsive as hybrid or innerspring mattresses

PlushBeds Cool Bliss is Best For

The Cool Bliss 12” model stands out as one of the highest-rated soft mattresses ideal for petite to average-sized side sleepers and combination sleepers under 230 pounds. Its plush, contouring feel lets shoulders and hips sink in comfortably to properly align the spine. The cooling gel infusion also regulates temperature beautifully to prevent sweating or overheating even in warmer environments.

The mattress can work for back and stomach sleepers as well but may feel a little less supportive for strict back sleepers over 150 pounds who require extra reinforcement. However, the Cool Bliss isolates motion extremely well for couples with different positions or schedules. Plus its outstanding noise reduction makes it easier to sleep through a partner’s movements or outside disturbances.

Consider the Cool Bliss luxury memory foam mattress if you:

  • Want an extra soft full-size mattress with contouring comfort
  • Sleep predominantly on your side or change positions frequently
  • Tend to get hot and sweaty on all-foam beds
  • Share the bed with a restless partner or sleep light in general

Before you buy, understand that as an all-foam mattress compressed in plastic during shipping, the Cool Bliss does have some moderate off-gassing when first unboxed which dissipates within a few days. Let it air out in a well-ventilated room to help remove any temporary odor.

Final Talk

Finding the perfect soft full-size mattress for your sleep style and comfort needs can make all the difference when it comes to waking up feeling refreshed. Designed to gently contour the body and actively cool through the night, the PlushBeds Cool Bliss could very well be the best soft full-size mattress option for side sleepers wanting close conforming support.

Its outstanding combination of cushioning comfort, temperature regulation, and motion isolation provides deep, undisturbed sleep for restoring the mind and body.

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