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Finding the right mattress for your RV can be a challenging task. Not only do RV mattresses need to be durable for life on the road, but they also have to conform to the often-tight sleeping quarters in RVs while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep. With the MobilePlush 8” Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress from PlushBeds, RV and camper owners may have found the perfect mattress solution to check all those boxes.

This deluxe RV mattress is available in several standard RV mattress sizes, from twin to short full-size for compact camper sleeping areas. The MobilePlush mattress line is designed specifically to meet the needs of RVs and campers, with convenient features like easy-to-clean covers and lightweight, flexible construction that makes installation and mobility a breeze.

RV full-size Mattress Overview

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When comparing RV mattresses, be sure to check what materials are used in construction. The combination of performance fabrics and innovative foam layers in the MobilePlush Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress may explain why PlushBeds is confident enough to back it with a 20-year warranty — a rarity in the RV mattress world.

The mattress cover uses a cool, stretchy blend of polyester and Lycra spandex. Not only does this help allow airflow to keep you cool during the night, but it’s also durable enough to stand up to the tough conditions found in RVs and campers over the long haul.

Beneath the cover lies a responsive comfort layer of gel memory foam. Usually found in high-end bed-in-a-box mattresses these days, this dense foam conforms closely to the body for pressure relief and spinal alignment. Gel beads infused throughout this layer help pull heat away from the body so you stay comfortably cool as you sleep.

At the core of the MobilePlush mattress are 6 inches of supportive, base foam that provides shape, structure, and longevity. High-density base foams like those used in the PlushBeds model are firmer and more durable than the soft comfort layers, so they give the mattress integrity and prevent sagging, especially important in RV applications.

The foam layers used together in the MobilePlush mattress provide an ideal combination of comfort, support, and adaptability that hits the sweet spot for RV mattress needs. The mattress compresses easily when positioned through tight spaces but still returns to its original shape once installed, unlike some cheaper foam models.


Setting up your RV mattress should be the easy part of preparing your living space on the road. Here’s where the thoughtful design elements of the MobilePlush mattress line shine through.

For starters, this PlushBeds RV mattress comes vacuum-packed and rolled for compact, convenient shipping. Simply unroll it in your trailer, let it expand naturally for a few hours, and it’s ready to sleep on that very night. No waiting weeks for off-gassing or expansion like some foam beds require.

The white cover is also specially treated to inhibit bacteria, mold, and odors an important feature for RV mattresses that see a lot of use in humid, variable conditions. The soft-knit performance fabric also feels smooth and premium to the touch.

PlushBeds designed the bottom of the mattress cover with a slip-resistant elastic band to keep the mattress in place as your RV moves down the road. So unlike some lightweight foam mattresses, you won’t have this one sliding all over your bed platform. No need to keep re-positioning every night.

With its flexible foam construction, the MobilePlush mattress easily navigates corners, stairs, and tight spaces during set-up. And at only 45 pounds for the 8-inch full-size model, most RV and camper owners can maneuver it solo without too much heavy lifting or awkward positions. That comes as a relief to anyone who has wrestled a bulky innerspring mattress into their trailer before.

Finally, the upkeep of this PlushBeds RV mattress stays stress-free thanks to a zippered cover you can remove and machine wash periodically. No special cleaners or equipment are needed to keep your bed hygienic for the long haul.


Considering the investment an RV mattress represents, and the hassle of returns and replacements on the road, buying from a company that stands behind their products brings peace of mind. PlushBeds aims to put customers first with their purchasing policies for the MobilePlush line.

Every PlushBeds mattress comes backed by a 20-year limited warranty nearly unheard of for a bed doing hard duty in RV conditions. During the first 10 years, PlushBeds offers a 100% replacement policy if any craftsmanship or material defects cause the mattress to deteriorate prematurely.

The company also grants RV owners a 120-night sleep trial to test out the MobilePlush mattress. So if you find it’s the wrong comfort level or doesn’t adapt well to your space, contact their customer service team anytime during those first four months for a full refund. No questions asked.

Rounding out the consumer-friendly guarantees, PlushBeds promises free shipping within the contiguous U.S. on all their RV mattresses. No hidden charges that inflate the price down the road. The vacuum roll-packaging technology used allows national delivery via UPS/FedEx instead of burdensome freight shipping.


RVers searching tirelessly for that perfect mattress have good reason to stop here. The MobilePlush 8” Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress presents an ideal blend of quality and convenience thanks to a smart design crafted specifically for RV and camper living spaces.

From durable construction that still folds and flexes for easy installation, to innovative foams that cushion pressure points while keeping you cool, this PlushBeds RV mattress checks all the right boxes. And with unmatched policies like a 20-year warranty and 120-night trial, purchasing comes with ample assurance.

Final Talk

While custom RV mattresses like this PlushBeds model may cost slightly more than basic foam pads you’ll find elsewhere, they deliver substantially more comfort and longevity that saves money over time. Invest here once and you likely won’t need another mattress for the full lifetime of your RV — even if that spans 15+ years of regular road travel.

In a world of disposable goods, finding an RV mattress designed and backed like the MobilePlush stands out. For overall value paired with premium quality, PlushBeds sets the bar high for just how good, durable, and convenient an RV bed can be. Rest easy and travel well.

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