Portable Full Size Mattress

Finding a mattress that’s not only comfortable but also portable enough to take on trips, move between rooms, or provide extra sleeping space for guests can be tough.

The Sweetnight Tri-Folding Mattress aims to solve that problem by offering the support of a full-size mattress in a lightweight portable design. As a portable full-size foam mattress, it could be a great solution for convenience and comfort.

Portable Full Size Mattress

Tri-Folding Mattress


Overview & Key Features: The Sweetnight Tri-Folding Mattress measures 75 x 54 x 5 inches when fully expanded, providing the dimensions of a standard full-size mattress. However, it can easily fold into thirds for easy transportation and storage between uses. At only 23 pounds, this portable folding mattress size is designed specifically with portability and convenience in mind.

Sweetnight constructed this mattress with three layers of foam, including 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of transition foam, and 1 inch of high-density base foam. This provides sleepers with both contouring comfort from the memory foam and underlying support. The foam is also ventilated within the design to help prevent heat build-up.

Other key features of this lightweight full-size portable mattress include:

  • Folds into a compact size of 25 x 54 x 18 inches for storage and travel
  • Waterproof and removable bamboo cover
  • Non-slip bottom prevents sliding on floors or in tents
  • Can support up to 500 pounds with evenly distributed weight

Comfort & Feel

The star of the show in the comfort department with this portable foam full mattress is the gel memory foam layer. This material softens in response to body heat, allowing it to gently cradle sleepers while relieving pressure points along the shoulders, hips, and other areas. The transition layer then prevents sleepers from sinking too deep into the bed.

Together, these materials provide a floaty, medium feel and adapt to the natural contours of the body for personalized comfort. The bamboo cover complements the foam as a soft, breathable surface allowing airflow to help regulate temperature.

Sweetnight’s portable full-size foam mattress strikes an effective balance of cushioning and support for side, back, and stomach sleepers under 230 pounds. Heavier sleepers may experience some sinkage around their midsections that could put a strain on the spine without adequate support.


Tri-Folding Mattress

Portability is this bed’s greatest strength. Weighing just 23 pounds, the lightweight full-size portable mattress folds down small enough to fit into most car trunks, making it a breeze to transport for camping trips, overnight guests, or use in different rooms. The compact triangular shape when folded is easy to maneuver as well.

It sets up quickly too – just unfold once in position, allow the foam to rise back to full height, and it’s ready to provide a comfortable sleep surface. The non-slip bottom grips floors to stay fixed in place without shifting or sliding. So you can count on stability both in homes and tents when used as a portable mattress.

Maintenance is also simple thanks to the removable, machine-washable bamboo cover.


There are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind with this mattress as well. As is typical for most foam beds, off-gassing odors may be present when first unboxed. Letting the mattress air out for a couple of days before use can help dissipate the initial smells faster.

Edge support is also less resilient due to the all-foam construction. Sitting along the sides could cause the mattress to collapse somewhat without reinforcement. Rotating the mattress head-to-toe periodically can help prevent uneven wear and sagging over time.

Finally, while convenient for travel, this may not work as a permanent primary bed for some. The 5-inch profile doesn’t contain quite as much cushioning or structure as a traditional innerspring or hybrid model. So it may not provide enough comfort and support for year-round, every night use depending on individual sleep needs and preferences.

Sweetnight Portable Full-Size Mattress Suitable for:

The Sweetnight Tri-Folding Mattress may work exceptionally well for certain shoppers including:

  • Campers and travelers need a compact yet comfortable mattress for hotels, cabins, tents, etc.
  • Those with temporary house guests such as visiting family members
  • People wanting an easy-to-manage extra/temporary mattress to use anywhere around their home
  • Anyone with limited space needing portable bedding for moves between rooms or homes
  • Shoppers wanting a lightweight mattress for kids or grandkids for use while traveling or visiting

Final Talk

With its portable and adaptable design providing customizable comfort, the Sweetnight folding mattress makes an excellent versatile mattress option for convenience on the go or when extra sleeping space is needed.

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