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When looking for the best mattress for an outdoor daybed or other outdoor furniture that serves as a bed, you need one that is durable and specifically made for outdoor use. The Sweetnight tri-folding mattress fits the bill perfectly as an outdoor full-size mattress option.

Designed for portability and resilience against the elements, this mattress is a great choice to place on a daybed on your patio, deck, or garden area to create a cozy napping and relaxation nook.

Foldable Mattress Sweet Night Tri Folding Mattress Overview

Tri-Folding Mattress


Constructed with comfort and longevity

Constructed with comfort and longevity in mind, the Sweetnight tri-fold mattress is made of three layers of high-density foam and cotton.

The 5-inch thick mattress can handle repeated folding and unfolding without losing its shape or plushness, which is essential for an outdoor mattress that you may need to move around frequently. When open and laid flat, the mattress feels like a comfortable, traditional mattress that contours lightly to your body.

Softer Materials

The outer layer is a soft and breathable cotton cover that allows air to flow through so you don’t get too warm if lying in direct sunlight. Underneath is a 2-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam that adapts to your curves, provides pressure relief, and prevents you from bottoming out on a hard surface when on the daybed.

At the base is 3 inches of high-density support foam that gives the mattress structure and stability on outdoor furniture. Together, these layers give you cushioning comfort while resisting impressions and retaining the mattress’s shape after repetitive use.

Outdoor mattresses

One of the biggest assets of this tri-fold mattress is the durable waterproof cover on the bottom and sides. Outdoor mattresses need protection from moisture, which can otherwise soak into the foam and fabric, eventually causing mold, mildew, and deterioration.

The cover blocks liquid from seeping inside, ensuring the mattress doesn’t become a soggy mess that needs replacing after one season outside. It keeps the inner foams in like-new condition despite exposure to humid air, unexpected rainstorms, or wet grass if placed directly on the ground.

Mattress’s Lifespan

You can further prolong the mattress’s lifespan by placing it on a fully covered daybed or using an additional mattress cover or mattress pad on top.

Either way, the waterproof layer significantly boosts durability for outdoor use. It also makes cleaning hassle-free just wipe the dirt, pollen, and other debris off the surface.


Tri-Folding Mattress

Another useful feature for outdoor use is that the mattress is naturally resistant to allergens and irritants. The cotton cover wicks moisture away from your skin while allowing airflow to diminish heat retention.

Meanwhile, thememory foam and high-density foam layers resist collecting dust mites, mold, and mildew. This gives you peace of mind that you and your guests can enjoy lounging outside without worrying about allergic reactions.

The tri-fold functionality

The tri-fold functionality adds convenience whenever you need to save space or bring the mattress indoors. When folded, the mattress is just 18 inches wide easy to maneuver through doorways and store in a closet or under the daybed.

Each fold naturally contours to the next, so there’s no struggle to get it flat or keep it closed. Built-in handles also make transportation around your patio or property quick and easy.


While lightweight at just 28 pounds, don’t let the compact size fool you when unfurled, this mattress is a full 75 x 54 inches.

That’s plenty of room for two people to lounge comfortably side-by-side on an outdoor sofa, daybed frame, or even the grass or a camping tent.

Outdoor Mattress designed

If durability is a concern, keep in mind that Sweetnight stands behind their mattress with a 5-year limited warranty.

This protects against manufacturer defects that could cause premature sagging, loss of shape, or damage that makes the mattress unfit for use.

It ensures you receive a quality, long-lasting outdoor mattress designed toprovide restful relaxation session after session, year after year.

Considering the weatherproof construction

Allergen resistance, convenient folding capability, and comfort from quality foam layers, the Sweetnight tri-fold mattress makes an exceptional choice as the best mattress for an outdoor daybed.

Placing this mattress atop patio furniture or any outdoor bed frame transforms the space into a multipurpose oasis perfect for lounging with your morning coffee, sneaking in an afternoon nap, stargazing on clear evenings, or just having impromptu reading sessions immersed in fresh air.

The portability also makes it great for camping trips and overnight guests who need an extra bed.

Final Talk

If building a comfortable sanctuary in your outdoor living area sounds appealing, I highly recommend the Sweetnight tri folding mattress. Pick your favorite spot to unwind in the open air, put this mattress in place, sprinkle on some pillows and blankets, and enjoy creating a peaceful hideaway designed for much-needed R&R.

It provides the ideal foundation for a relaxing “bedroom under the stars” thanks to its weather-resistant durability, allergen protection, easy folding, and cloud-like cushioning feel.

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