Memory Foam Queen Mattress

If you’re in the market for the best memory foam queen mattress that provides both comfort and support at an affordable price, look no further than the Sweetnights Prime Memory Foam Mattress.

As one of the best qualities and most affordable memory foam mattresses available today, the Prime mattress delivers conforming comfort, pressure relief, and proper spinal alignment everything you need for a great night’s sleep.

Best Firm Prime Memory Foam Mattress

Prime Memory Foam Mattress


As a leader in quality foam mattresses, Sweetnights only uses the highest grade, most durable foams and materials, and the Prime Memory Foam Mattress is no exception. This USA-made mattress features 4 inches of their proprietary Cool Bliss gel memory foam, which provides advanced temperature regulation and a cool-to-the-touch feel.

Underneath lies 6 inches of highly responsive HD foam that adapts to your body’s natural contours and relieves pressure on joints and areas that need it most. Finally, the base layer is made of 4 inches of firm, supportive base foam that provides stability and prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress.

Overview of Best Prime Memory Foam Mattress

The Sweetnight Prime Memory Foam Mattress is designed for comfort and support. As a queen-sized size, it offers ample room for couples without taking up too much space. The 12-inch profile strikes a nice balance – it’s thick enough to cushion pressure points but still easy to get into and out of.

This memory foam mattress comes in a convenient box that makes it easy to transport and set up. It’s compressed and shipped straight to your door. Once you unbox it, the mattress will expand to its full 12-inch thickness within 24-48 hours.

It’s made of three layers of foam – a 3-inch comfort layer of gel memory foam, a 3-inch support layer of soft memory foam, and a 6-inch high-density base foam. The gel memory foam helps regulate temperature by preventing heat retention. The soft memory foam contours to the curves of your body for pressure point relief. The high-density base foam provides stability and durability.

The exterior cover is made from a polyester and rayon blend that helps dissipate heat and moisture for a cooler, drier sleep. The mattress is also naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens.

It’s designed to work with any solid platform, box spring, slated bed frame, or adjustable base. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified for performance, durability, and content.

Prime Memory Foam Mattress

Pros of Best Prime Memory Foam Mattress

  • Excellent motion isolation. The queen memory foam absorbs movement well, so you won’t disturb your partner if you move around at night.
  • Reduced pressure points. The cushioning memory foam relieves discomfort in your shoulders, hips, and other areas by conforming to your body.
  • Minimal off-gassing odor. There may be an initial “new queen mattress” smell, but it airs out quickly.
  • Sleeps cool. The prime-memory foam mattress and cover materials help reduce heat buildup.
  • Good edge support. You’ll have a solid seating surface to the edge.
  • Easy to set up. The prime memory foam mattress expands rapidly after unboxing.
  • Affordable price point. This mattress is competitively priced compared to similar all-foam beds.
  • Works with most bases. It’s compatible with platforms, box springs, slatted frames, and adjustable bases.
  • CertiPUR-US certified. The prime-memory-foam-mattress is analyzed for safety and performance.

Cons of Best firm Queen memory foam mattress

  • May sleep hot for some. Even though it’s designed to sleep cool, some warm sleepers find that all-foam beds retain heat.
  • Minimal bounce. The foam doesn’t have an especially responsive “springy” feel.
  • Some off-gassing is possible. While minimal, some new mattress smell is to be expected.
  • Not made for heavy individuals. It likely won’t provide the most support for people over 250 pounds.
  • May develop indentations. Some owners report slight body impressions in the foam over time.
  • Shorter-than-average lifespan. The mattress may start to deteriorate after 3-5 years.
  • Limited edge support when sitting. The edges are reinforced when lying down but less supportive for sitting.

The foam itself has a unique makeup. Standard memory foam can trap heat from sleepers. Sweetnight’s “Prime Foam” contains cooling properties to help dissipate body heat. Tiny air pockets within the material enhance breathability. The foam is also infused with green tea extract and natural plant oils, contributing to freshness.

This memory Queen mattress is ideal for

  • Side sleepers. The cushioning relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips.
  • People with back pain. The conforming memory foam minimizes aches and pains.
  • Couples. The motion isolation makes this a discreet mattress for partners.
  • Hot sleepers. Cooling technologies help regulate temperature.
  • Guest rooms or kids’ rooms. The affordable price is reasonable for spare beds.
  • People who like a “hugging” feel. Memory foam envelops you for a floating sensation.

This Queen mattress may not be the best choice for

  • Stomach sleepers. The soft foam allows some midsection sagging.
  • Heavier individuals. People over 250 pounds likely require a firmer, thicker mattress.
  • Those who prefer bounce. The memory foam doesn’t have an especially resilient feel.
  • People with sensitive noses. Some new mattress smell is unavoidable.

While conforming tightly at first, the mattress quickly recovers its shape after adjusting to a sleeper’s body weight and position. This makes moving around easy.

The materials also isolate motion well, preventing sleep disturbances when a partner changes positions during the night. Thanks to these features, a prime memory foam mattress can greatly improve sleep quality for those sharing the bed.

Final Talk

As a prime memory foam mattress, the Sweetnight conforms closely to the sleeper’s shape for soothing pressure relief. The cradling support helps align the spine and eases tension by cushioning pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

This makes it effective for side, back, or stomach sleepers useful for couples with different preferences. Offering customizable comfort and support, pressure relief, and motion isolation, the Sweetnight Prime presents an excellent option as an affordable queen memory foam mattress for couples and individuals alike seeking restful sleep.

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