Full Size Mattress With Adjustable Base

Finding the right full-size adjustable bed frame to meet both comfort and support needs can be a challenge. However, the Prodigy PT model from leading manufacturer Leggett & Platt aims to deliver on both fronts through its heavy-duty construction paired with customizable ergonomic positioning options.

Purchased through premier bedding retailer PlushBeds, this base serves as a versatile platform on which to build your optimum full-size adjustable mattress set.

Sturdy Structure meets Smooth Adjustability

Luxury Adjustable Base

Built with furniture-grade steel and high-density steel alloy, the Leggett & Platt Prodigy PT brings formidable strength and stability as a base for your full-size mattress. The steel frame can support consistent weight loads up to 850 pounds, while still retaining smooth functionality for the adjustable features. Those adjustments are facilitated by the state-of-the-art KT Advanced remote, allowing you to finesse two wireless massage units and a full-body adjustable base into your preferred sleeping or lounging position.

The matte black finish gives an elegant touch to this technically advanced piece. Despite the power under the hood, the streamlined silhouette featuring curved legs and beveled edges creates a lighter visual impression to blend well with contemporary and traditional bedrooms alike.

Find Your Ideal Comfort with Custom Alignment Options

The Prodigy PT truly shines when it comes to customizing ergonomic comfort to meet your needs. This full-size adjustable bed frame allows for aligned comfort no matter if you want to sleep, read, watch TV, or just relax with full body support.

With the back and leg height completely adjustable, you can find your ideal lumbar support and leg positioning for orthopedic alignment or simply leisurely support. The adjustable legs allow for virtually limitless configurations between completely flat to a 65-degree incline. This makes it easy to take pressure off your lower back, elevate your legs to aid circulation or adjust to the most comfortable sleeping position.

The head section also adjusts for lift within a 65-degree range. By elevating your torso while keeping your legs extended, you can comfortably read, work on a laptop, or watch television without straining your neck or losing alignment in your back.

Massage Units Enhance Relaxation

In addition to the fully adjustable base positioning, the Prodigy PT takes relaxation a step further with two integrated massage units. Strategically located to target the lower back and legs, these motors provide pulsating massage therapy to loosen muscles and soothe tension.

The under-the-mattress location helps transmit the massage sensation using your bedding for a relaxing experience. The multiple wave modes include pulse, wave, or continuous vibration so you can select the type of massage suitable for your needs at the moment.

From stimulating your muscles first thing in the morning to helping unwind before sleep, the convenience of massage units integrated into your adjustable bed frame expands the scope of comfort. Turn to the massage feature after a strenuous workout to help your body recover faster while already comfortably reclined in bed.

Intuitive Controls at Your Fingertips

Adjusting all of these convenient comfort features is simplified with the KT Advanced remote that comes included with your Leggett & Platt Prodigy PT adjustable base purchase. The backlit LCD screen identifies all functions while the comprehensive but user-friendly interface makes operation straightforward.

Memory functions allow you to set your favorite positions for sleeping, lounging, or reading and return to them instantly at the touch of a button. This means you and your partner can each store your ideal settings for an effortless comfort experience.

One-touch flat positioning makes it easy to return the bed to standard mattress height for changing bedding. The under-bed light even illuminates automatically whenever you raise the base to make middle-of-the-night needs simpler to navigate.

All of these convenience features paired with the whisper-quiet lift system mean uninterrupted rest even when using the Prodigy PT’s functions. The KT Advancedremote keeps all controls within easy reach on your nightstand for around-the-clock comfort-tuned to your needs.

Built for Years of Comfort and Support

Luxury Adjustable Base

As with all Leggett & Platt products, quality construction allows this adjustable base model to provide long-lasting performance. The Prodigy PT meets the high standards set by over 140 years of pocketed coil mattress and bedding component manufacturing expertise. All mechanical parts undergo rigorous testing procedures to confirm their strong performance.

But in the unlikely event of any issues, you can rely on strong consumer protections. PlushBeds offers a 25-year limited warranty that covers the Leggett & Platt base when purchased together as a full-size adjustable mattress set bundle. That ensures you can replace individual components or receive full reimbursement for manufacturer defects for worry-free operation.

Enjoy Premium Adjustable Comfort with PlushBeds Bundles

Purchasing your Prodigy PT adjustable base along with one of PlushBeds’ premium full-size mattress options allows you to build a high-quality, adjustable mattress set optimized for your needs. You can select an individual comfort preference or split mattress coils to accommodate partners with diverging preferences. Adding one of PlushBeds’ plush mattress toppers lets you customize the sleep surface.

All PlushBeds materials ranging from latex to memory foam are proudly made in the USA from high-grade components. By bundling your adjustable base with a coordinated USA-made mattress and accessories, you can achieve American-made quality all-around for superior comfort and support performance.

Designed with full personalization in mind, the Leggett & Platt Prodigy PT adjustable base lets you optimize a full-size mattress for your evolving relaxation preferences. Bring the customizable comfort of this versatile base into your bedroom to enjoy years of aligned support for both sleeping and awake-time positioning. With convenient operation controlled right from your sheets, the Prodigy PT adjustable bed frame becomes an effortless part of your daily leisure and rest.

Final Talk

That covers the key details about using PlushBeds’ Leggett & Platt Prodigy PT adjustable base for full-size mattress sets. Please let me know if you need any changes to this review or have additional questions! I’m happy to expand on any part of it further.

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