Full Size Mattress And Box Spring Set Under $200

Finding an affordable yet comfortable full-size mattress and box spring set for under $200 can be a challenge. Most quality full-size mattresses cost much more than that.

However, the Clarity Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Sweetnight manages to offer a surprisingly nice full-size mattress for an incredibly inexpensive price point of just $189 for the mattress.

Full-size mattress and box spring set under $200

Clarity Gel Memory Foam Mattress


With the added cost of a basic box spring, you can get a complete full-size mattress set for under $200. For shoppers on a tight budget who still want good sleep comfort, the Sweetnight Clarity stands out for offering exceptional value.

This review will look at who this budget-friendly full-size Sweetnight mattress is best suited for and how it compares to more expensive mattresses.

Overview of the Sweetnight Clarity Full Size Mattress

The Sweetnight Clarity mattress is a memory foam mattress that uses a three-layer design with cooling gel-infused memory foam to help regulate temperature. It also features an open-cell memory foam comfort layer for better airflow and breathability.

The mattress cover is infused with aloe vera extract, which has soothing and cooling properties. The entire mattress measures the standard size for a full mattress at 53 inches wide by 75 inches long by 12.5 inches thick. It is compressed and shipped to your door in a conveniently compact box for easy setup.

Highlights of what makes the Sweetnight Clarity great value:

  • Exceptionally low price for a full-size gel memory foam mattress at just $189
  • Ships for free right to your door in an easy-to-manage box
  • CertiPUR-US certified high-quality memory foam
  • Gel-infused memory foam and aloe vera cover regulate temperature
  • Works with all standard full-size box springs and bed frames
  • 10-year limited warranty

Comfort Analysis

Don’t let the extremely affordable price tag fool you. The Sweetnight Clarity provides an incredibly comfortable sleep for a budget mattress. The plush three-layer memory foam design cradles pressure points along the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. There is adequate give to cushion these areas for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike without sinking too deeply or feeling stuck.

The gel infusion gives the memory foam an extra cooling touch that is ideal for people who tend to sleep hot. The breathable cover allows for surprisingly decent airflow to keep you from getting overly warm throughout the night. The foam provides that signature “hugging” sensation memory foam is known for without enveloping you too much like quicksand.

The Clarity mattress has a medium soft feel, rating around a 4-5 on the normal firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. This puts it on par with that universally comfortable sweet spot most sleepers seem to enjoy.

Performance Factors

Clarity Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Here is a rundown of some key criteria used to evaluate the performance quality of the Sweetnight Clarity gel memory foam mattress:

Spinal Support: EXTREMELY GOOD for the price range – appropriate balance of contouring and lift for proper spinal alignment

Pressure Relief: EXCELLENT conforming ability to cushion pressure points very well

Motion Isolation: VERY GOOD at resisting motion transfer when your sleep partner moves

Responsiveness: GOOD at reducing that “trapped in the mud” feeling some memory foam mattresses have

Edge Support: GOOD for a foam mattress – you can sit on the sides without excessive dipping

Temperature: VERY GOOD cooling and airflow for such an inexpensive memory foam option

Off-Gassing: TYPICAL foamy new mattress smell at first that fades within days

Sweetnight Clarity Mattress Best Suited For

The Sweetnight Clarity is an excellent choice for shoppers on tight budgets, guest rooms, kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, or anyone wanting a secondary spare bed for occasional use without spending much. It performs far better than traditional spring mattresses priced under $200. The medium-soft feel pairs well with all sleep positions – back, side, and stomach.

The cooling gel infusion also suits hot sleepers nicely. It works for all body types from petite sleepers to heavier ones nearing the capacity limits of the mattress with its decent edge support. Taller people over 6 feet may want a slightly longer mattress, however.

Pros and Cons Breakdown: Here is a condensed summary highlighting the main pros and cons of what shoppers can expect from the Sweetnight Clarity memory foam mattress:

Pros ofSweetnight Clarity Mattress

  • Extremely affordable full-size mattress great for tight budgets
  • Ships for free conveniently right to your door
  • Easy set up taking minutes to unbox and expands quickly
  • Gel memory foam aids cooling and temperature regulation
  • Responsive foam avoids sinking too deeply
  • Works with all standard full-size bed frames and box springs
  • A 10-year warranty backs quality and performance

Cons of Sweetnight Clarity Mattress

  • Can lack responsiveness for some larger/heavier people
  • Minimal edge support makes the full surface hard to use
  • Doesn’t have the longest lifespan at 5-8 years
  • Quality is not on par with premium mattresses
  • May have some initial off-gassing odor
  • Taller people over 6 feet may want a longer mattress

Final Talk

Finding a comfortable full-size mattress with box springs for under $200 is an incredibly tough shopping challenge. With box springs costing $50-$100 typically, that doesn’t leave much budget for the actual mattress.

But the Sweetnight Clarity manages to pull off this feat nicely while still providing a nice quality memory foam mattress for the ultra-budget price tag. However, for the price, this impressive budget gel memory foam mattress delivers exceptional comfort and is an absolute steal.

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