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Shopping for a new mattress can be an overwhelming experience with so many options to choose from. However, finding the right mattress that provides comfort and support is extremely important for getting a good night’s sleep.

This review will focus on the Full Pillow Top Mattress available on the website to help you determine if it could be the right choice for your needs.

Overview of the Full Pillow Top Mattress

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This mattress comes in the full size, measuring 54” x 75” making it a great option for single sleepers. It features a pillow top design with an extra layer of soft padding sewn into the cover for added plushness.

Underneath the pillow top are layers of foam and coils providing comfort, support, and reduced motion transfer. The foam is infused with gel to help regulate temperature.

The mattress is available on the website for an affordable price, especially for a pillow top design. The materials and construction seem durable enough for years of use. With many positive customer reviews, this budget-friendly pillow top mattress could be a great find.

Comfort of the pillow top full Mattress

One of the key selling points of this full pillow top mattress is the comfort it provides. The extra plush pillow top layer allows your body to slowly sink into the mattress rather than feeling immediate firmness. This creates a “sleeping in” rather than “sleeping on” sensation for pressure relief.

Under the soft pillow top, there are inches of foam that also conform to your body’s curves for cushioning comfort. The foam aims to provide enough support without making you feel stuck. Combining the luxurious pillow top with the contouring foam allows this mattress to hug your body for tailor-made comfort.

The foam is infused with a cooling gel intended to regulate temperature. This prevents the mattress from trapping heat which can lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. The pillow top also allows more airflow than a standard foam mattress. Overall, the materials aim to sleep cool for comfort in any season.

Support Provided

While the initial feel of this full pillow top mattress is plush, the support layers underneath work to keep your spine aligned. Under the foam is a layer of coils that compress to absorb weight where needed while remaining sturdy to prevent sagging. The coils are individually wrapped to isolate motion transfer when a partner moves in bed.

The coil support core provides the structure needed for proper spinal alignment. This allows your shoulders and hips to sink in while keeping the rest of your body lifted.

Proper support helps relieve pressure points and prevents you from waking up with aches and pains. The sturdy coil system gives the plush topper the support it needs for comfort and durability.

Factors for Consideration

When considering this full pillow top mattress, there are a few factors shoppers may want to keep in mind. First, some reviewers have noted that it may not provide enough support for much heavier individuals. The plush pillow top comfort layers tend to work better for average weights.

The mattress is also quite soft and plush overall. For those who prefer a firmer, supportive feel this may be too soft. Back and stomach sleepers often need a firmer surface. However, side sleepers should enjoy the pressure relief offered by the plush pillow top.

Finally, the mattress does require breaking in and can have a slight new mattress smell at first that dissipates over time. Letting the mattress air out before adding sheets can help. The materials need some time to fully expand and relax from being compressed during shipping. After breaking in, the mattress should reach its optimal comfort and support levels.

Comparable Mattress Options

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This affordable pillow top mattress has quite a few comparable options on the market around the same price point:

  • Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress – Similar budget price point and features gel-infused foam but no pillow top.
  • Cooling Copper Hybrid Mattress – Also contains copper-infused foam and a coil support core but no pillow top.
  • Premium Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Features memory foam and pocketed coils but also lacks a pillow top.
  • Best Price Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Similar price and materials but not a pillow top design.

This full pillow top mattress stands out for adding the plush pillow top feel while keeping the price low. The comparable options lack that extra layer of softness while keeping other features like cooling foams and coil support.

Pros of the Mattress:

To summarize some positives about this pillow top mattress, buyers can expect:

  • Plush pillow top comfort
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam contouring
  • Gel infusion to help sleep cool
  • Individually wrapped coils prevent motion transfer
  • Durable support core for spine alignment
  • Affordable price point, especially for a pillow top
  • Positive customer reviews and ratings

Cons to Consider: Some drawbacks to weigh with this mattress option include:

May be too soft without enough support for heavier individuals

  • Not ideal for stomach or back sleepers who require a firmer surface
  • Can have an initial mattress odor needing time to fully air out
  • A break-in period is required so it can reach full decompression
  • Edge support may not be as strong as a hybrid or innerspring

This affordable pillow top mattress is best suited for:

  • Side sleepers and combo sleepers who need pressure relief
  • People who enjoy a plush, cushioning feel from their mattress
  • Shoppers wanting a pillow top mattress on a budget
  • Couples due to the motion isolating coils
  • Hot sleepers thanks to the cooling gels and airflow


Finding the perfect mattress involves personal factors like sleep position, firmness preference, weight, and budget. This full pillow top mattress could be an excellent choice for side sleepers needing pressure relief on a budget. Its plush pillow top, contouring foam, and supporting coils aim to cushion the body while keeping the spine properly aligned.

Temperature-regulating materials help prevent overheating for peaceful slumber. With a comfort pillow top feel at an affordable price point, this mattress is certainly worth a close look.

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