Extra Long Full Size Mattress

Finding the right mattress can be a challenge, especially for those with extra-long full-size beds. At 60” wide but longer than the standard 54”, extra-long full beds require a mattress that provides excellent comfort while fitting the larger dimensions.

The Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex Mattress checks off both boxes, offering superior comfort, support, and durability in addition to being available in an extra-long full size.

Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex MattressOverview

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Construction of a Serious Mattress for Extra Support

This thoughtfully constructed full-size mattress is designed to provide sleepers with proper spinal alignment and pressure relief through its 13” profile. The top comfort layer consists of 3” of ventilated latex, offering responsive cushioning that quickly recovers its shape.

This material relieves pressure by conforming to the curves of your body without allowing excess sinking. Ecoterrabeds also uses zoned latex support in the second layer, providing firmer reinforcement to the lumbar area while cradling the shoulders and hips.

Next comes a 6” layer of pocketed support coils, allowing for even weight distribution and minimal motion transfer. These individually wrapped coils move independently to perfectly respond to your body type and sleep position.

Finally, the base is made of 1.8 lb high-density polyfoam that reinforces the layered structure. The breathable organic cotton and wool cover upholds the bed’s luxurious feel while providing moisture and temperature regulation.

With these robust materials, the Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex is equipped to handle full-size sleepers of nearly any body type while promoting spinal alignment.

The reinforced lumbar zone prevents signage that allows the hips to dip down unevenly. Both back and stomach sleepers require this type of robust support when selecting the best full-size mattress for the money.

Perfect Fit for Extra Long Full-Size Beds

Finding bedding for extended-length full-size mattresses can be frustrating, but the Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex Mattress is available in a model specifically designed for extra-long beds. For full bed frames that are slightly longer than a standard double or full XL, the Hybrid Latex Mattress comes in a 60” x 80” size to prevent uncomfortable gaps that undermine support and comfort.

With its strengthened lumbar zone and thick pocketed coil system, this model prevents sagging and lack of support often experienced by extra-long mattress shoppers.

The exceptional care put into the mattress construction allows the Hybrid Latex to maintain its structure and performance for years beyond most bed-in-a-box brands. Its high-end materials make it a cut above other full-size mattress x long options that tend to wear down more quickly.

Cooling Properties Keep Sleepers Comfortable

A common complaint for many all-foam mattresses is heat retention, especially in full-size models used by couples. Latex and pocketed coils allow for superior airflow compared to polyfoam, keeping this hybrid mattress’ temperature regulated. The cover fabric wicks away moisture for those sharing the bed, while the latex comfort layers have tiny air passages to let heat circulate.

The responsive nature of latex and individual coil systems also allows for continuous refreshing of air pockets, unlike solid memory foam that can trap body heat near its surface. Hot sleepers can enjoy the Gentle Firm feel of the Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex without temperature spikes disrupting their rest. With its cool sleeping surface and strong ventilation, couples are sure to stay cozy throughout the night.

Luxurious Feel in Multiple Firmness Options

The Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex Mattress is offered in three firmness levels to meet the comfort preferences of most full-size sleepers. For those wanting a balance of contouring and support, the medium Gentle Firm option offers deep pressure relief while maintaining healthy posture alignment. The softer Gentle Plush model gives lighter individuals exceptional comfort, while the Firm model reinforces the back for strict stomach or back sleepers.

The latex comfort layer imparts a buoyant, responsive sensation not found in many all-foam or memory foam mattresses. Sleepers do not feel “stuck”, allowing for easy movement. This makes latex suitable for combination sleepers who change positions during the night. The material also holds fewer odors than other foams, ultimately leading to the luxurious feel of this fine-quality hybrid bed.

Durable and Eco-Friendly Construction

From sourcing to production, Ecoterrabeds adheres to high standards for limiting their environmental impact. The coiled springs and latex layers utilize recycled metals and sap from rubber trees.

Organic materials like cotton and wool make up the plush top, reducing the off-gassing odor common in synthetics. These eco-friendly materials impart natural breathability and moisture control often absent in cheap full-size mattresses.

The carefully constructed design incorporates durable components expected to far outlast basic bed-in-a-box brands. Between the natural latex, resilient pocketed coils, and dense base foam, owners can expect their extra-long full-size mattress to last over a decade before replacement becomes necessary. For budget-minded shoppers looking for the best full-size mattress for the money over the entire product lifespan, the Hybrid Latex is built to impress.

365 Night Trial Offers Exceptional Value

Finding an extra-long full-size mattress offering eight layers of premium materials for under $2000 is nearly impossible in retail stores. Available exclusively online, the Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Latex Mattress passes substantial savings to shoppers by eliminating brick-and-mortar expenses.

Customers can trial the bed at home for an entire year, an offering unmatched by popular boxed mattress companies. If not fully satisfied, returns can be arranged after the 100-day break-in period.

Final Talk

For those seeking an eco-friendly latex hybrid capable of fitting their extra-long full-size bed frame, the Ecoterrabeds Hybrid Mattress is an exceptional find.

With resilient support for all sleep positions, natural cooling properties, and superb pressure relief, this model stands far above budget foam imports in both luxury and quality. For full-size mattress shoppers longing for a model to perfectly fit their x-long bed frame, Ecoterrabeds delivers the ultimate sleep experience.

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