Best Queen Mattress Under $800

Are you trying to figure out the best queen mattress under $800? Finding a suitable bed could be challenging.

But, you don’t have to visit one store to another because we have collected some high-grade mattresses on this page.

Check the recommendations and try something as per your requirements.

Best Queen Mattress Under $800 Reviews 2023

Here are our top-rated Queen mattresses under $800 reviews 2023.

Note: This is just an idea. Most mattresses are priced under $800, but there are a few mattresses that may exceed this price range.

1. Tuft & Needle – Original Queen Mattress

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

  • Type: All-foam
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Composition: 10-inch memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Tuft & Needle is one of the most reputable mattress manufacturers. Their original queen mattress is an affordable bed constructed with adaptive foam and a supportive base. The adaptive top layer makes it perfect for stomach and back sleepers while the base prevents sinkage.

The original queen mattress is medium-firm. So, it strikes the right balance between support and softness. Moreover, this bed integrates open-cell cooling technology foam. In addition, its adaptive layer has gel-infusion to keep moisture and heat at bay. Hence, you can enjoy a sweat-free and comfortable sleep every night.

The all-foam queen mattress under $800 gives you the complete worth of your investment. It’s perfect if you need pressure relief without too much contouring. Plus, this cushion has excellent motion isolation. So, it’s also a solid choice if you are easily disturbed by the movements of your partner.

Tuft & Needle original is the best queen size mattress under 800 dollar. It’s a solid choice for budget buyers. However, this cushion might not be a suitable investment if you are a back or stomach sleeper weighing more than 230 dollars. It’s also not suitable if you need hugs similar to a memory foam mattress.


2. Nectar Queen Mattress

Nectar Mattress

  • Type: All-foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Composition: 12-inch gel memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Nectar is a popular brand because they manufacture high-quality mattresses within budget-friendly price ranges. This 12-inch queen mattress under $800 belongs to the same lot. It has three foam layers, including a top gel infused memory foam sheet that conforms to your body for added comfort.

The queen mattress is medium-firm. So, it accommodates all the average-sized users. Moreover, this cushion has top-notch motion isolation. The foam layers absorb all the movements and provide you with undisturbed sleep. Hence, this cushion is a suitable investment if your partner moves a lot while sleeping.

This mattress provides superb pressure relief to most average-sized users. Its memory foam layer conforms to your hips and shoulders. This foam layer also aligns your spine and prevents backache. However, the memory foam might trap body heat.

Nectar queen mattress is perfect if you enjoy the body-hugging maturity of memory foam. It gives you a feeling that you are sleeping on the clouds. This bed is also suitable for couples because of its incredible motion isolation. Apart from that, the queen memory foam mattress for under 800 dollars is a solid choice if you experience pain in the hips, lower back, or shoulders.


3. Casper Sleep Element Mattress

Casper Sleep Element Mattress

  • Type: All-foam
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Composition: 10-inch memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Casper is a well-known manufacturer of mattress-in-a-box. The Element is one of their inexpensive queen mattresses. It has a medium-firm feel. So, this cushion could be a solid investment if you need a pressure-relieving bed without draining your wallet.

The Element is an all-foam mattress built of two layers. The top layer of AirScape perforated foam maintains airflow so that you don’t feel too hot while sleeping. The base is crafted to prevent sinkage and provides adequate support to your body.

This queen memory foam mattress for under 800 dollars excels at motion absorption. So, you will never experience vibrations. Hence, it’s perfect for couples with variable sleep timings. This mattress is also suitable if your partner turns and tosses a lot while sleeping.

Casper Element does not have a reinforced perimeter. Still, it offers excellent edge support when compared to other mattresses in this price range. So, you can use the entire surface area of this bed.

Casper Sleep Element is the best queen-size mattress under 800 dollars if you need the complete worth of your investment. Its also a perfect choice if you want a pressure-relieving sleep surface. However, this mattress might not be ideal for users who weigh more than 230 dollars.


4. Leesa Studio Mattress

Leesa Studio Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Composition: 10-inch memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Leesa is a trustworthy mattress manufacturer, active since 2014. Their Studio is an all-foam cushion constructed of three different layers. The top layer is made of low-density memory foam followed by a pressure-relieving foam layer. Finally, the core layer provides adequate support and maintains longevity.

The Studio is a medium-firm mattress, which means sinkage is not possible if you weigh up to 230 dollars. Apart from that, it provides decent edge support because of a strong base and support system. In addition, this bed has excellent motion isolation. So, you can enjoy disturbance-free sleep even if your partner changes positions frequently.

This queen memory foam mattress under 800 dollars facilitates even weight distribution of your body. It provides adequate cushioning around your hips and shoulders to maintain natural spine alignment. In other words, the Studio minimizes overall pressure and ensures optimum comfort.

Leesa Studio could be a perfect investment if you enjoy slow response and even contouring of memory foam. It’s also suitable for side and back sleepers within a weight of up to 230 dollars. Moreover, this cushion is ideal for users who are easily disturbed by their partner’s motions.


5. ZINUS Green Tea Cooling Gel Mattress

ZINUS Green Tea Mattress

  • Type: All-foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Composition: 12-inch gel-infused green tea memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Finding a best value queen mattress under $800 is not simple. But, Zinus green tea cooling gel mattress makes things easy for you. Due to a budget-friendly price tag and multiple useful features, it could be a perfect purchase for your bedroom or living room.

Thanks to a thickness of 12-inch, Zinus cooling gel provides plenty of pressure relief to back sleepers. It also releases the pressure if you are a side sleeper. So, you don’t have to worry about spinal alignment. However, this mattress is not the right fit for stomach sleepers.

Zinus 12-inch mattress is medium-firm. So, it provides pressure relief to your shoulders and hips. Moreover, this cushion gives you a classic feel of memory foam. Its motion isolation is also excellent. So, the cooling gel mattress is ideal for couples.

This cooling gel queen memory foam mattress under 800 dollars reduces back and shoulder pain. Moreover, this bed minimizes hip pain if you are a side or back sleeper. So, you can try it if you suffer from such health troubles.


6. Best Price Mattress

Best Price Mattress

  • Type: All-foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Composition: 11-inch cooling-gel infused memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

If you are searching for a comfortable mattress then take a look at this cushion manufactured by Best Price. Why does it deserve your consideration? This mattress has a 1.5-inch memory foam layer at its top. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel to keep you moisture-free and comfortable.

Best Price mattress also has a 2-inch ventilated comfort foam to maintain air circulation and enhance your comfort level. The layer maintains support in any sleeping position. Finally, there is a 7.5-inch base layer for added support and longevity.

This queen mattress under $800 comes with a 100-night trial period, which is significantly higher than its competitors. Hence, you have the luxury to try this mattress for more than 2 months and returning it if you are dissatisfied. In addition, this cushion has a warranty of 10 years.

Best Price Mattress is independently-tested in laboratories to offer high standards of content and durability. Moreover, it’s CertiPUR-US certified. So, all your family members can enjoy this cushion without any problems.


7. Suiforlun Euro Top Mattress

Suiforlun Euro Top Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-plush
  • Composition: 14-inch gel memory foam
  • CertiPUR certification: Yes

Suiforlun 14 Inch euro top mattress is an affordable hybrid built with 5-zone individually wrapped coils. This cushion is popular because of its comfortable and super supportive construction. Plus, the euro top bed is easy to set up and use.

This hybrid queen mattress under 800 dollars is medium-plush. So, it attracts a wide range of users. Furthermore, this cushion has a soft bamboo cover to keep your body cool. In addition, it has six foam layers and coils for your comfort.

The queen mattress contours to your body and gives you a cozy feel. Moreover, its foam layers are breathable. So, the cushion never gets too hot to disturb your sleep.

A mattress with poor motion transfer never lets you sleep peacefully. But, you don’t have to worry about your partner’s movement in case of the Suiforlun euro top mattress because of its incredible vibration absorbing ability. All the spring coils move individually. So, try this queen mattress under $800 if your better half tosses and turns a lot while sleeping.

However, the edge support does not meet our expectations. Also, the euro top mattress is not an ideal purchase if you are a side sleeper. Still, it provides the complete worth of your investment because of its high-grade comfort, support, pressure relief and motion isolation.



A queen mattress lets you upgrade from a full bed without investing a hefty amount. But, you have to spend a lot of time finding a suitable cushion. But, we hope the recommendations help you to try something according to your requirements.

Tuft & Needle Original is the best queen mattress under 800 dollars because of its open-cell cooling technology, supportive construction and pressure-relieving qualities. Nectar queen mattress is also an excellent alternative. Casper Sleep Element could be a suitable purchase for budget buyers.

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