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The Plush Beds firm pillowtop mattress is a high-quality mattress that offers the perfect blend of comfort and support for back and stomach sleepers who prefer a firm feel.

Their firm pillowtop mattress provides welcomed pressure relief while maintaining the supportive firmness that back and stomach sleepers need to keep their spines properly aligned.

As a leading manufacturer of organic and natural mattresses, Plush Beds uses only the finest materials in their mattresses, including organic cotton, natural wool, and plant-based memory foam.

Structure of the Plush Beds Firm Pillowtop Mattress

Pillowtop Mattress

This 12” mattress features 3 layers to provide an outstanding sleep experience

A 2” organic cotton pillowtop layer quilted with 1” of plush natural wool batting provides luxurious yet breathable comfort right at the surface. The cotton and wool work together to cushion pressure points while regulating temperature, moisture, and airflow.

A 3” layer of firmer natural Dunlop latex that gives great push-back support. This 100% natural material contours gently to the body while preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

A 7” extra-firm high-density support foam that reinforces the layers above and prevents sagging. This provides exceptional support for back and stomach sleeping positions.

A Firm Yet Cushioned Feel

With its soft organic cotton cover and firm pillowtop layer quilted with breathable wool, the Plush Beds pillowtop mattress immediately cradles your body when you first lie down.

This gives excellent support for keeping your spine aligned as you sleep on your back or stomach, while just enough surface-level cushioning prevents pressure buildup at the shoulders and hips. But underneath that plush surface lies highly responsive natural latex and dense base foam that keeps your body resting atop the mattress.

Responsiveness and Bounce

The combination of natural latex and high-density foam gives this Plush Beds mattress a very responsive, slightly bouncy feel.

This makes it easy to switch from your back to your side or stomach without feeling “stuck.” The foam foundation reinforces this responsive quality. The latex layer in particular provides noticeable push-back as you move around or change positions on the bed.

Temperature Regulation

The organic cotton cover and wool layer offer superb airflow and moisture wicking that helps keep the mattress surface cool.

Latex naturally stays at a neutral temperature while the foam base is also designed to resist heat buildup. The mattress is very suitable for hot sleepers who tend to overheat at night.

Ideal Firmness Level for Back and Stomach Sleepers

The Plush Beds pillowtop mattress is rated around a 7-8 out of 10 on the typical firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. This puts it at a universally recommended “medium firm” or “firm” feel that offers the best of both comfort and support.

The dense base foam and natural latex layers provide the underlying firmness needed for back and stomach sleeping, while the softer organic cotton and wool make it easier to get comfortable. For stomach sleepers who require the most reinforcement for their midsection, the firm base foam layer has their back covered.

Side sleepers may find this mattress doesn’t cushion their shoulders and hips quite enough. Back sleepers need a mattress firm enough to keep the natural curve of their spine maintained, which this Plush Beds mattress does excellently.

Eco-Conscious Materials

From its certified organic cotton and wool to its natural latex derived from rubber tree sap, Plush Beds makes its pillowtop mattress with only the most eco-friendly plant and botanical materials.

They use zero harsh chemicals, toxins, or synthetic foams. Even the cotton and wool are certified to the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This is an excellent mattress choice for the environmentally conscious.

Edge Support and Movement Isolation

Pillowtop Mattress

With its high-density foam base, the Plush Beds pillowtop mattress has reliable edge support that allows you to sleep close to the perimeter without collapsing.

When sharing with a partner, the natural latex layer does a decent job of preventing cross-mattress motion transfer but there is some motion detectable. The mattress is better for single sleepers than couples.

Trial Period, Warranty, and Returns

a. The mattress is also backed by a 25-year warranty that protects against defects in materials and manufacturing. Contact Plush Beds if you experience any issues with your mattress during that time to see about having it repaired or replaced.

b. Plush Beds makes returns and exchanges easy and free during the trial period. Your refund is promptly issued once the mattress is picked up from your home. There is no mandatory restocking fee.

c. Plush Beds stands out with an exceptionally long risk-free trial period of 100 nights. This gives you plenty of time to test out the mattress for yourself. If you decide it’s not for you, contact Plush Beds anytime in the first 100 nights and they will arrange pickup of the mattress and provide a full refund.

Plush Beds Pillowtop the Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress

For back and stomach sleepers wanting that perfect balance of cushioned comfort and firm support, the Plush Beds pillowtop mattress is an excellent choice.

The natural materials provide luxurious pressure relief right at the surface while the dense foam core keeps everything on track below. This is the best of both worlds for those needing a firm pillowtop feel.

Final Talk

The responsive latex and overall firmer construction also suit those who change positions frequently or want to move around easily on the bed. And for those wanting an eco-friendly mattress made from organic and natural materials, Plush Beds has you covered there as well. With its generous 100-night trial period and 25-year warranty, you can try out the Plush Beds pillowtop risk-free.

If you want a top-quality firm pillowtop mattress to properly support back and stomach sleeping positions, this all-natural mattress deserves a top spot on your shortlist. It just may prove to be the perfect fit for your ideal firmness level and sleep position needs.

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